Usually, all that is needed is Aldon "Grout Restoration".

For cleaning showers and spas with heavy buildup that could be considered "restoration" and require a more aggressive approach, see

If steaks, spots, etc. still remain - you must be cautious to not hurt the tile glaze with the next options.

With caution, so you don't hurt the tile glaze, try:

  • Liquid abrasive cleaner (Sofscrub type)
  • Dry abrasive cleanser (Ajax, Comet type)
  • Automobile paint "rubbing compound" of very fine grit - with caution.

Sometimes cleaning is a trial and error process. The cause of the problem might be different than thought, or have multiple causes and results that must be handled in steps. In rare cases, it cannot be cleaned. Proceed as though it is an experiment whose results must be evaluated.

Any Aldon cleaner has more than one purpose. It is not limited to only this cleaning project.