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Small projects: see Video showing applicaton with S-B-S Sealer aerosol spray cans

For projects too large for aerosol spray cans:

  1. How can you apply a sealer to a wall?
  2. How can you apply a sealer to a paver job with sanded joints?

Even though our labels say to not spray the sealer on flooring, these are the two exceptions for obvious reasons. You can't pour out a puddle in either case.

As our labels state for wall applications, the goals are the same as with floors - but obviously the technique is different. Basically, what ever does the job best for you is the best technique. Here are some considerations:

  • Spraying will be the easiest for walls.
  • If you do not want to spray - then brushing, rolling, or any other technique you choose that allows for the liquid penetration of a penetrating sealer will work.
  • Any of our sealers that are available in aerosol spray cans will be the easiest to apply to a wall.
  • Any of our penetrating sealers can be sprayed. For large jobs you can rent spray equipment.
    For very small jobs, you can purchase small, inexpensive cartridge sprayers like this
    For medium size jobs, review this page.
  • The label directions are important and following them will eliminate potential risks. However, sometimes you need to improvise for unique situations. The most important consideration is that a penetrating sealer needs to penetrate into the surface to do the best possible job. It does not matter if that requires one application or three applications. It only matters that you have supplied enough liquid for the surface to absorb what it needs.