Spraying a firepit with SBS Sealer

Below is a video we created to give you an idea of what it looks like to spray a firepit with Aldon S-B-S Sealer.   There is also a link to another page that shows how easy it is to remove the old SBS Sealer if necessary.

The concepts explained below apply also to spraying this sealer on any large flooring or paving area when spraying is done instead of the "pour and spread" technique described on the label.

The video is a large file. Please allow a minute for it to download as you read the notes. The video will repeat automatically so you can see each feature.


  •  Do not put sealer in any location that will get hot enough to melt it!  The type of firepit shown here is cool to the touch on all the stone work while the fire is going.  If you can hold the flat of your hand on the stone work for 15 seconds, then it does not get too hot for the sealer to be used
  • A correct application technique will seal one 48" x 72" and one "cafe" table, and have plenty of sealer left over.   Therefore, one can is more than enough to seal a firepit.
  • The piece of cardboard is to keep the sealer away from the fire area and fire elements.
  • The top surface is covered without any particular concern about:
    • Masking - no masking needed because any overspray will also protect the pedestal.
    • Overlap of spray pattern or wet edge - the wet sealer will automatically flow and self-level with each pass.
  • This is not a light misting. But, it is also not an overly heavy application. The spray can is the applicator that creates a thin, even "liquid" coating appearance.
  • Whatever the absorption of the surface, you allow the surface to determine how much sealer it needs to give you the desired end result. A more absorbent surface will require more sealer to create the same gloss level.
  • In this video it is dry to the touch in 30 minutes at 50 degrees F. Drying is faster in warmer temperatures.
  • The firepit in the video has decorative copper squares at the corners.  The sealer protects them just as it protects the stone.


Before: The top starts out with no sealer and a non-glossy finish.
(Video may be slow and "jerky" until it fully downloads).

Loading tabletop spraying animation

After: As the video shows, the surface dries to a matte finish on this stone. It will be glossier on less absorbent surfaces. Do not use the fire until full cure is achieved per the label. The table surface can be used as soon as dry, but the sealer does not achieve full hardness until approximately 24 hours.  Full cure can take 3 days in cold weather.

If the sealer is damaged (cut, burned with red hot utensils), the steps to easily and rapidly restore the surface are:

  1. Remove the old sealer with lacquer thinner - (if it is necessary). It may not be necessary with minor damage because new sealer will melt old sealer and all flows together to a new surface. You can see a video of this process here.
  2. Let dry for 10 minutes and spray as shown.
  3. This spray process is exactly the same in the manufacturer's factory except they are using spray equipment instead of aerosol cans.

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