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Frequently Ask Questions

About Tile, Stone, and Brick Sealers

Application METHODS For Sealers
     The key to success and job cost!
Application METHODS - Can I vary from recommendations?
    Uneven texture, walls, ceilings, cold or hot conditions
Application TOOLS For Sealers
     wheels on bottles, rollers, brushes, etc.
Are the $150/gallon sealers better?
     No! High price can hurt! Expensive
Can I decrease the sealer needed for my very porous surfacing?
     taking too much sealer, low coverage
Can I the adjust gloss level of the sealer finish?
     blend, mix, dilute, shine, sheen
Can I seal my (fountain, pond, waterfall)?
     under water, seeping, leak
Can I Remove A Sealer With Acid?
     No! - Stripper, Muriatic, Phosphoric
Can I use a sealer in a fireplace or other hot area?
     fire pit, barbecue, in-floor heating, etc.
Can I use a steam cleaner or pressure washer on a sealed surface?
     very hot water, pressure washer
Can I seal when it might rain soon?
     Storm, bad weather
Can I patch a sealer instead of redoing the whole thing?
     peel, section, replace, reseal
Can I use a sealer to create a cooler deck?
     hot surface, burn, feet, barefoot
Can I use your solvent based sealer in my state?
     voc, v.o.c., volatile organic compounds
     legal, accepted, limits
Can One Sealer Do All Surface Types?
Can I use a sealer to fill holes in stone, etc.?
     Maybe, plus other options
Can I use a sealer for sand joints with a "stabilizer" that is failing?
     pavers, sand glue, bonder
Can I use a sealer to restore trim paint?
     wood, metal
Can I use a sealer to protect or restore copper?
     copper trim, drip edge, gutter, finish
Can I use wax on an Aldon sealer?
     Yes, but not a good idea!
Caulking (acrylic, butyl, silicone types) and sealers?
     Can caulk be sealed?
     Will caulking bond to a sealer?
Coloring, tinting, color staining
     The surface before sealing, or in the sealer.
Color: fixing grout or surfacing colors
     Color enhancing sealers, blending
Cleaning a sealer surface
     Tips - do's and don'ts.
Compare Between Manufacturers
     What to look for and judge.
Does Aldon Have A Tech Service Hotline?
     No! We don't need it!
My ... says I do not need to seal. Do I?
     Contractor, dealer store, friend
My ... has different opinions than Aldon
     expert, consultant, contractor, builder, dealer,
     store, salesman, theory, diagnosis, recommendation
     manufacturer, distributor, advisor
Drying Time - How Long To Wait?
     Cure time, hardness
Food Safe?
     Kitchen counter tops
Has my sealer failed?
     Conditions effecting a seal job
How Do I Seal When It Is Two Different Surface Types
     Glazed, Unglazed, Wood
How Do I Seal walls, ceilings, sanded paver jobs?
     spray a sealer?
How Do I Seal the grout and not get any on the tile?
     Glazed, porcelain, mosaic, stone look, marble, granite
How Do I Clean the Sealer Application Tools?
     brushes, sprayers, paint rollers, broom
How Do I calculate the amount of sealer I need?
     grout joints only or entire surface
How many coats of sealer are needed?
     apply, application, coating
How Important Are Temperature & Humidity Limitations?
     Hot, Cold, Heat, Wet, Dry, Damp, Moist
How Long After Grouting Before I Seal?
     Time, wait, dry, moisture, water
How do I tell if any sealer is there?
     Do I need to strip it?
Guarantees On Sealers
     What to look for (warranty, warrenty, guaranty)
Is Sealing Difficult?
     Not with common sense
Surfacing manufacturer's recommendations
     for or against sealers
Paint and sealers?
     Painting over a sealer
     Sealing over paint or ink designs
Redoing a Previously Sealed Surface - remove, strip sealers
     Cause of most preventable problems!
Reseal timing - How often?
     Re-seal, resealing, reapply, reapplying, re-apply sealer, touch up
Sealer Attributes
     What a sealer should do!
Should A Sealer Breathe (Permeable for vapor transmission)?
     Yes. To prevent freeze damage (spalling) & mold, permeation rate
Sealer Problems
     Things that have happened to others.
Selecting A Sealer
     Considerations before deciding!
Stain Proofing
     Protect that expensive surfacing!
Traffic Wear In A Glossy Sealer
     Prevent wear - never reapply a sealer!
What are the differences between:
     SBS Sealer, Porous Stone Sealer, and Mexiglaze
What About Flammability? (They are not!)
     Combustible, fire & heat danger
What about Indoor vs. Outdoor Use?
     Inside, Outside, Exterior, Interior
What About Sealing With Oil (And Wax)?
     Linseed, Tung, Motor, Mineral
What About Surfaces Not On The Selector?
     Plaster, Stucco, etc.
What About Solvent Smell?
     Odor, Aroma
What about a sealer being toxic?
     Harmful, allergic
What If The Floor Is Absorbing Too Much Sealer?
     High consumption, porous, sponge
What is the "wet look" for a sealer?
     gloss, appearance, shine, luster, color
What sprayer is best for Aldon sealers and cleaners?
     solvent and acid resistant
Water Leaks - Stop Them With A Sealer?
     Yes (and no!). Chimney, roof, deck, fireplace
Which Is The Better Sealer?
     Acrylic, Silicone, Silane, Siloxane, Urethane, Epoxy, ...
     Information re: ingredients, formulas, contents, solids
Which Is Better - Solvent or Water Base?
     Petroleum base, etc.
Which Is Better - Penetrating or Coating?
     Penetrant, encapsulator, impregnator, film former
Will a sealer prevent color fading? Yes!
     Fade, tile, brick, stone, stucco, concrete products, etc.
Will my floor be slippery when wet?
     Showers, pools, patios, decks, traction, grit
Will "Ice Melt" Chemicals Hurt Sealers?
     Snow, removal
Will this hurt my pets or plants?
     Vegetation, shrubs, grass, flowers, animals
Will .... sealer hold up on my driveway application?
     driveway pavers, brick, concrete, hot tires
Will a sealer make snow removal easier?
     Issues with snow removal from concrete and clay pavers